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Qingjiao Ciji Palace The plum blossom Mountain Nature Reserve Tailao Mountain Dongshan Island Taoyuan Cave Yuhua Cave
Xiamen Gulangyu Island
The island is o­n China's list of National Scenic Spots and also ranks at the top of the
Xiamen Botanical Garden
Xiamen Botanical Garden is located in the southeast of Mount Wanshi, so it is als
Turtle Garden
Introduction Turtle Garden (Aoyuan) Situated o­n the southeastern tip of Jimei Town, Turtle
Sunlight Rock
Introduction It is located in the southern part of Gulangyu, the Sunlight Rock (Riguangyan) is t
Shuzhuang Garden
Introduction First built in 1931 o­n the southside of the island, Shuzhuang Garden was o­
Huli Mountain Cannon Platform
Introduction Only 1 km south of Xiamen University stands the imposing Huli Mountain Cannon Platf
Bright Moon Garden
Introduction Bright Moon Garden is located o­n the shore of Dingfu Rock in the east of Gulan
Huandao Sightseeing Road
IntroductionHuandao Road in Xiamen is located at the west Fort Hill Huli and east to the Xiamen
Xiamen University
Introduction Xiamen University was founded in 1921 by Tan Kah Kee, the well-known patriotic over
Fantian Temple
Introduction Fantian Monastery located below the main peak of the Wheels Mountain. It is o­n
International Architecture Museum
Introduction Xiamen  was o­ne of the first five treaty ports to be opened to foreign re
Five old men peaks
IntroductionThe five old men peaks is located at the back of Nanputuo Temple in Xiamen. Farther
Qingjiao Ciji Palace
Introduction The Qingjiao Ciji Palace located o­n the Dongming Range, Qishan Mountain in Qin
Xiamen Zhongshan Road
         Zhongshan Road, the oldest business street in X